Students from the age of 6 onwards by receive careful guidance under a team of well-trained teachers who themselves undergo a formal Teachers’ Training Course, another pioneering attempt in Indian music education. Students are encouraged to expand their musical understanding by exploring inter-relationship among the performing arts, participating in occasional joint musical ventures and growing in the company of eminent visiting musicians. SMB has successfully implemented the teaching methodologies propounded by its founder, who had employed several revolutionary and innovative concepts in the field of mass music education and children education. Career-making students find an inspiring and conducive environment at the academy to hone their special aptitudes under renowned teachers in the Guru-Shishya-Parampara tradition and several among them have proved their mettle as brilliant performing artistes and qualified teachers. The three-level Diploma course Sangit Naveen, a further two-level Degree course Sangit Teertha and still further two-level post-graduate Degree course Sangit Gaurav are recognized by the Department of Education, Govt. of Maharashtra as equivalent to Diploma, B.A. and M.A./B.Ed. respectively. A specially designed Children’s course Sangit Mukul has also been a pioneering venture, where children get acquainted with the rudiments of music through interesting songs and games.


Systematic Practical and Theoretical training is imparted in a graded manner in the following subjects.

A) VOCAL MUSIC – Hindustani Classical & Light Music.

B) INSTRUMENTAL - Sitar, Tabla, Harmonium and Flute.

Note: Training in Sarod, Santoor & Surbahar will be provided on request after an aptitude assessment by the Principal.

C) DANCE - Kathak and Odissi.

Courses of Study followed are:

1. Sangit Mukul : a one-year certificate course for children.

2. Sangit Navin : a three-level Diploma course.

3. Sangit Tirtha : a two-level degree course (after completion of the Sangit Naveen Course)

4. Sangit Gaurav : a two-level Post-graduate course (after completion of the Sangit Tjrtha Course).

5. Sangit Dikshak : Basic Teachers’ Training Course (Level 1).

6. Sangit Dikshak Ratna : Advanced Teachers’ Training Course (Level 2).

7. Sangit Bhramar : Hobby course in light vocal music.